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The Bonneville Project

For the last three years I have built a  car to run on the salt at Bonneville during week of speed. Engines, all running gear, body, paint/upholstery. I do it all right here myself whenever I have a little extra time away from helping customers. This year is no different, I'm building another chassis off car for the salt. Here is a short summary of the cars built so far:


I had some friends run this car with a big bore 36hp engine (64mmx83mm). The transmission was geared a bit high but they got about 70mph out of it. That and and several beer runs into town. It came back alive so it was a good engine test.


The 57 panel bus project. I built this bus and made the first ever record in the class (DSS 36hp) at 67.9mph. Not bad for a stock height RGB bus. It had the upgraded big bore engine in it from the previous year, the displacement was now 1560cc with a single Zenith two barrel. My best time was 68.3mph on my last run.




This car was a complete pan off resto. It is a 1960 RHD South African 1200A standard model. I did everything custom deluxe on the running gear. It is an IRS conversion, with front disc brakes. Stone stock 36hp engine. My wife drove this for her best speed of 75mph on the salt. It was kind of a challenge to tune with me not being the driver. It's a sweet driving car, it now has about 1,500 miles on it.

Now we come to the 2013 car. It's very similar to the 2012 car in concept, it too is a chassis off job. This car has had a very colorful past. I've owned it off and on since 1994. It took me to Vegas a couple times in one of it's first incarnations and later it became a shop loaner car. It now has a new body with the running gear having about 2500 mile on it since I did it new this last time (third time, wore out a 40hp and a 1776). It will of course have a 36hp in it this time. All I can tell you about this car right now is that is green and it does have drip rails (it's a totally stock beetle body).

UPDATE!! The car has color, should be up and running very soon. I don't think you will loose it on the salt!
  • The 64 Super standard


    I need your help!

    Here's the thing. I have no problem building the cars, it's what I do. The problem is getting to the salt, it's a long expensive ride. Want to sponsor a salt car? Here is your chance. Now every one knows I have no problems with helping anyone that calls or catches me at a show with their engine know who you are. I've helped many people in the please donate a couple bucks for the trip to the salt, even if it's just a dollar that would be one dollar closer for me. I will of course give you some recognition of some sort, haven't decided what it will be just yet. So please hit the donate link for Paypal on this page........ see you on the salt!