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Page to Bonneville!

  We got loaded up Sunday September 11th in the big yellow truck. Off to Bonneville after sitting for 25 years

Made the trip (800 miles) in just over 13 hours, finally regained consciousness at around 10am and took the bus out to the pit area to unload.  Bronson did the honors of untying the straps (he was the thinnest of the group). 


Off to tech inspection.........

Is it safe? Is it safe?

Passed tech with only hose clamps needing to be installed on the fuel line. Finish setting up the pit, have some lunch talk to the other VW racers and Tuesday  was pretty much done. Wednesday, out to the salt first thing for the rookie driver run through, it's time to run!!

First run

First run was 67.09mph.......not bad!! Back to the pits for some tuning and to check all the running gear for the next days runs (Thursday).

More tune/more speed Stroker 36hp

1560cc 36hp stroker ran perfect! At altitude (4300ft), I didn't have the jets I needed for the Zenith 2bbl on the engine so I bumped the timing up to compensate. Next two runs were still just over the 67mph mark, so I tried another tactic. I drew third gear out to where the valves almost were ready to float and then hit 4th gear really hard.........67.98 on the fourth pass, 68.30 on the fifth and final pass. I was very happy with the speed from this 57 RGB stock height bus.....better than I thought I would do!   

Finally faster! 68mph!!

 Loaded up and back on the road Friday. Not only did I prove some of the parts I sell by running on the track, I had a great time as well!!

It's alive!!