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Article #5-12 volt generator on a 36hp case

  I got a 36hp case that was somewhat butchered on the generator stand a while back. It got attacked with a disc grinder so a regular 12 volt generator would sort of fit the stand. Two problems involved with that idea. One, a 12 volt generator is about 1/4" longer than a 6 volt generator which causes a major belt misalignment. Second, you have to figure not only what the cut will be for the larger diameter of the 12 volt unit, you also need to have about .040" more to accommodate the generator tower gasket. Number two is the easy part. I figured the size and clamped it up on a mill and cleaned up the case with a flycutter, now it's a nice straight more grinder butch.   12 volt generator install

Now for the shopping list to make it work, here's what is needed.

12 volt generator install

1.Generator backing tin set from a 68-71 bus off the 38amp 12 volt generator. It's inset enough to allow the proper belt/pulley alignment of a 30 amp 12 volt generator. And yes you do need the fan hub set that matches the tins.

12 volt generator install

2.36hp generator pulley, a 1600 bottom pulley, and a 10x900 belt. Viola! you're ready to go. If you're real observant and can see past the Bonneville grime you'll notice some other oddities like the intake manifold (it's not a 36hp). There will be a few other things I'll elaborate on about this engine at a later date, most of it has to do with cooling and lubrication but there are a couple of things with the induction system I'll share.